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Computer Security

Norton Internet Security Suite 2007 – 3 User [Old Version] by Symantec

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Brand: Symantec

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Norton Internet Security 2007 automatically protects you from the latest online threats including spyware, viruses, worms, phishing Web sites, and hackers, before they can cause harm. Norton Internet Security is the #1 Internet security suite protecting users from spyware, viruses and other harmful attacks (Source: The NPD Group /U.S. Point of Sale Information, June 2000–July 2006.). For 2007, Norton Internet Security comes with newly developed technology for phishing protection and detection and blocking of wireless intruders.

The purchase of this product contains licenses for 3 individual users.

Norton Internet Security 2007 shows you your safety reports, statistics, and security status all in one convenient location. View larger.

NEW! Phishing Protection—This new feature identifies and warns you to prevent you from visiting phishing Web sites. Many of these phishing Web sites only stay active for a short period of time, so protection must also be immediate. When you visit Web sites, Phishing Protection automatically checks the site against a global “blocklist” of known phishing Web sites that is updated in real time. Norton Internet Security also uses an advanced analytical process to determine if the sites visited are fraudulent based on specific characteristics. Phishing Protection automatically identifies and blocks you from visiting a phishing Web site, protecting you from online identity theft. Real time protection provides immediate threat knowledge about these transient, fraudulent sites.

NEW! Wireless intruder detection and blocking—This feature identifies other computers on the same wireless network that are trying to communicate with your computer. If you connected to a public network such as a coffee shop or airport, the feature automatically blocks these computers from connecting to your computer. If you are connected to a private network, such as a home or office, you can freely communicate with other computers you own, so you can share files, printers, etc.

ENHANCED! Intrusion Prevention—This feature uses advanced intrusion prevention technology to shield newly discovered vulnerabilities in the Windows OS or popular program applications. It prevents crimeware from using the network layer to enter through security “holes” in the operating system and commonly used programs.

This feature does not wait for specific virus, spyware and other threat signatures to be published before protecting the computer. Instead, it shields the detected vulnerability and blocks attacks attempting to enter a computer by exploiting this specific security hole. Benefits

ENHANCED! Auto-Protect Blocking—Detects and blocks incoming viruses, spyware and unwanted adware threats as they attempt to install and execute on the system. Auto-Protect Blocking now blocks both threats and high security risks from ever installing on the system. The easy “install and forget” feature does not require you to make constant security decisions to keep your computer safe and protected.

ENHANCED! Threat Category Protection Technology—Enhances the threat prevention capabilities from protection against individual worm threats to protection against entire categories of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.

Rather than block individually identified threats, this feature now matches individual but unknown threats to known worm and virus families and blocks them from installing on the system without requiring specific virus or worm signatures.

ENHANCED! Rootkit protection—Patent pending, advanced technology that detects camouflaged threats at all system levels (application, user mode, OS File system and Disk Level). Unlike spyware, rootkits are a new technique to stealth threats by placing them deep in the operating system. These threats exhibit no symptoms that are noticeable on the system. Symantec has developed low-level inspection techniques that bypass normal methods, allowing Norton software to detect and remove threats that are invisible to Windows or other security software.

ENHANCED! Packer support—Many virus writers use packer tools to package up a virus such that the virus becomes obfuscated and difficult to detect. This feature will now focus on unpacking the virus so the original signature can be detected.

ENHANCED! Smart Firewall—This feature automatically and continuously configures itself to allow good programs to communicate over the Internet while also automatically detecting and blocking spyware, viruses, worms and crimeware from trying to communicate out over the Internet. These security decisions are made without requiring you to take action. This feature uses continuously updated security information that is automatically delivered to your computer by Symantec Security Response. Programs blocked from outbound communications may transmit sensitive personal information, infect other computers, contain botnet commands given by hackers controlling your computer remotely.

ENHANCED! Scanning Capabilities

  • Preinstall Scan detects and cleans spyware, viruses and worms on an already infected system. The enhanced pre-install scan now detects and removes high-risk spyware before installation.
  • QuickScan runs invisibly after latest receipt of virus definitions to help ensure that your computer is fully protected against even the newest threats. QuickScan has now expanded to search for other areas on the system such as “My Documents” and other areas of common infection.
  • Full Scan now includes a foreground and background throttling mode. The background throttling mode performs the scan using less processing power so users can continue working on their system without major performance impacts.

Norton Internet Security 2007 provides:

Proactive protection—Intrusion Prevention Capabilities, Phishing protection, and Auto Protect Blocking prevent spyware, viruses and worms from getting on your system.

Simplicity and convenience—Complete out of the box set of security features that you set and forget. Runs in the background, automatically detecting and removing viruses and spyware with minimal user interaction.

Response capabilities—Symantec Security Response has the largest global Internet threat detection network to give consumers the latest and comprehensive protection updates for their systems.


Windows XP

Product Features

  • Note: This version of Norton Internet Security 2007 is licensed for 3 users
  • Blocks online identity theft
  • Detects and eliminates spyware
  • Removes viruses and Internet worms
  • Protects against hackers

More Details

Publisher: Symantec Category: Computer Security Binding: CD-ROM Language: English


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